New Black Sounds – Robin Quaison

Every week a person who inspires us will take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Robin Quaison

Robin Quaison is a 24-year old Swedish football pro playing for Mainz FC in the German Bundesliga.

Robin was born and raised in Akalla on the west side of Stockholm. Years of dedication and hard work with early mornings, late nights, hard training and many, many days away from home has gotten him to where he is today. Through all years of ups and down, the music has helped him focus.

“I listen to music all day long, on the way to training, when I’m training, when driving around the city. When you walk into an arena with over 30’000 people, listening to music makes the whole thing even more intense, it’s empowering! Music is something that makes me feel at home.”

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