New Black Sounds – Kristian Riffo

Every week we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Kristian Riffo

Back in 2015, when Riffo and his friend, producer Jeff Roman, started their own record label, they didn’t have a name for it. They just knew they wanted to build something great. They wanted to reach the top of the charts without compromising on anything. Today, their label Nivy has done just that.
The first artist Riffo and Roman signed was Denz, a rapper from the west side of Stockholm. Followed by Jireel, a then 15-year-old rapper from the south side of Stockholm. Now Jireel is the man of the year, with numerous hit records and multiple awards and nominations under his belt. Both rappers are yet to drop a full-length album, but Nivy has still managed to reach over 60 millions streams on Spotify.

”In 2015, when I presented Nivy and some of the stuff we had to some of the big record labels here in Sweden, not many understood our vision or our sound. But we were so sure that this was going to blow up, so we decided to stick to the plan and make it work on our own. We did everything by ourselves – music production, videos, artworks, merchandise, and so on. I think that’s the best way of doing it, whether or not you ever sign a deal with a bigger record label. Stick to your vision, don’t be afraid to fail, have fun, be loyal and work smart.”

”We have a lot of interesting projects for 2018. Jireel and Denz are both dropping their first albums, we are going on tour, we got a new artist named Seedy that is going to drop some heat, Jeff Roman has some other stuff going on and of course: We are doing Way Out West’s biggest party together with New Black.”

Riffos playlist is inspired by what he’s been listening to this last week.

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