New Black Selection by Alex

Every Friday, New Black store manager Alex Urombi, picks his favourite things right now. Anything from clothes and accessories to hotels, restaurants and new music.

Favourite accessories:

1. Prada – Saffiano Leather Cardholder: This cardholder made by Italian fashion house Prada is both clean and timeless. With a small Prada triangle logo they proove that less is more!
2. New Black Sport Waist Bag: The optimal spring/summer bag – The days of no room in your pockets are over with this black on black waist bag.
3. Kling Peace Ring: Göran Kling said: ”It is said that it is the ability to think abstract thoughts and the desire to decorate our bodies that separates us from the monkeys. This means that is the wearing of jewelry itself that makes us people.” – With that being said, go get this stylish ring before it’s sold out!
4. Heron Preston СТИЛЬ Cap: СТИЛЬ is russian for ”style”. Protect yourself from the sun in style with this baseball cap made by San Francisco’s finest Heron Preston.