New Black Sounds – Linn Alrutz

Every week we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Linn Alrutz

A girl with big dreams growing up in a small city, Linn Alrutz moved to Stockholm as soon as she finished high school. Being a streetwear and sneaker enthusiast, Linn applied for a job at New Black a few months back. She is now a sales advisor at the New Black Store in Södermalm.

Linn has always had a passion for music and everything that comes with it.

”When I was a kid I listened to the music that my dad played in our house. He is into rock music, so it was a lot of classics like Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Metallica. In high school I discovered rap music. Biggie is probably my favourite artist. Warning must be the track that’s been on repat the most times in my headphones.”

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