New Black Sounds – Annie Friberg

Every week we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Annie Friberg

We first got to know Annie Friberg a few years back when she started working for Shelta in Gothenburg, one of the first stores to carry our brand. She’s got a great knowledge of sneakers and clothes and her passion for great style quickly caught our interest.

“I’ve always found the New York style of the early 00s extremely inspiring. Not just the fashion, I can be just as inspired by a song as seeing someone with a great outfit. It’s about the feeling I get when I see or hear something that I like. That era gives me that special feeling. 50 on an RnB type of beat, Cam’ron in a pink fur or Juelz star spangled bannered from head to toe… that’ll give me that feeling.”

Make sure to follow Annie on Instagram for her daily outfit pictures and stories of her travels with Eytys where she works as an account manager, you might just get that special feeling too!

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