New Black Sounds – Chanelle Coleman Törnqvist

Every week we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Chanelle Coleman Törnqvist

Vogue called her “your new hair crush” earlier this year and we can only agree, she’s got hair to die for! If you’ve been following New Black for a while then Chanelle Coleman Törnqvist has probably caught your eye once or twice. She was featured in our lookbook for spring 2017 and later on modelled for our Noomi Rapace collection. Since then we’ve been trying to keep up with her as she’s been busy dividing her time between her buyer job at H&M, runway walks, modelling for different campaigns and blogging. Anyone able to balance all of those things as well as being a very, very nice person is an inspiration to us.

”Music can enhance a feeling. It can also help you suppress feelings and shut off everything else. That’s what this playlist is all about. Songs that will get you up and dance, shut out everything around you and have all your thoughts go out the window, as well as songs that’ll get you on another level opening up for thoughts and deeper feelings. But most of all it’s a list of songs that’ll make you dance, cause that’s what I love most!”

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