New Black Sounds – Isak von Haartman​

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This week: Isak von Haartman​

Mwuana, Ros, Fricky, Dida, Denz, Ozzy, Vinter, Jelassi and Karim – more than a few of Sweden’s most relevant artists right now have one thing in common: They’ve all collaborated with 21-year-old producer Isak von Haartman. So even if you’ve never heard his name, you’ve probably heard his music. Isak von Haartman’s producing skills has earned him a reputation beyond the Scandinavian borders, too, as he’s worked with artists like Pressa and Johnny Drama.

“Every now and then I get a sudden feeling that I just have to create something – that’s when my best beats usually spring to life.
When I’m producing I always start off with the melodies. If I’m not done within 20 minutes it’s because I’m stuck, and then I start over with a new beat.”

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