New Black Sounds – Janice

Every week we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Janice

Swedish artist Janice instantly knew that she wanted to sing and touch people with her voice when her mother first showed her a video of Whitney Houston singing The Greatest Love. “I was in shock! She was so tiny but had the most powerful voice and expression, she touched the whole world. I was in awe! She’s been a great inspiration both musically and vocally. Especially vocally!”

Janice breakthrough came in 2016 with the single Don’t Need To. The song got her a deal with the German record label Four and these last two years she’s been busy dropping new tracks and performing. Her debut album came out earlier this year and with all her hard work we’ve been lucky to have had her put together this week’s New Black Sounds playlist.

“Soul and RnB does something to me, something that no other genres can do. I wanted to make a playlist that represents my world. Songs that’s made an impact on me, on a personal level as well as artistically. Songs that make me feel so much that I just wanna cry, songs that’ll make me dance and some of last year’s best songs according to me.”

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