New Black Sounds – Stefan Axel Foley

Every week we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Stefan Axel Foley

Affectionally known as ”Storken” in Stockholm’s urban music and fashion community, Stefan Axel Foley has been a friend of New Black since long before there was a New Black.

The Södermalm native has managed to do tons of things throughout the years, especially considering the fact that he hardly ever leaves the inner city island.

DJ, club and event organizer, record label founder/owner, artist manager and one of the forces behind the coffee startup Cold Brew, Storken has always focused on doing what he loves and what makes him happy.

“I think music works as a mechanism to get people to interact. When we allow music to tell who we are it’s easier to create deeper bonds between one another.”

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