New Black Selection by Alex

Every Friday, New Black store manager Alex Urombi, picks his favourite things right now. Anything from clothes and accessories to hotels, restaurants and new music.

Favourite restaurants in Tokyo:

1. Ichiran: Ichiran is a great spot for ramen lovers. Just eating there is an experience in it’s own. You sit in a booth where the food is served through a small window. There’s no real interaction with the staff, which is quite common in Japan. If ever in Tokyo, go there for good ramen and a special experience!
2. Harajuku Gyouzarou: The best dumplings you’ll find! The menu is small, which I personally think is a good sign for any restaurant. The fried and steamed dumplings are really good together with their sake and cucumber salad.
3. Rose Bakery: On top of Dover Street Market in Ginza there’s a great café called Rose Bakery. They serve fresh salads, nice sandwiches and delicious cakes. The place is popular with locals and not as tourist crowded as you might expect. After a nice meal at Rose Bakery it’s great to browse through Dover Street Market.
4. Han no Daidokoro: Japan is known for their Kobe beef – a special kind of meat known for its flavor, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture. It simply melts in your mouth! At Han No Daidokoro in Shubiya they serve this delicious beef where you grill it by yourself at your table.