New Black Sounds – Patrik “Sleepy” Elofsson​

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This week: Patrik “Sleepy” Elofsson​

“The style, the clothes and the dance moves, we got it all from thoroughly studying every frame of VHS tapes with recorded episodes of YO! MTV Raps, or flicking through magazines like The Source or Vibe. Some of us could afford, or got the oppurtunity, to go to New York or LA – and them coming back home with a Chicago Bulls snapback hat or a pair of Jordans was pretty much the same as if rolling up to the club in a Bentley nowadays.”

There’s a saying that everything that’s being done has been done by someone else before. When talking about Swedish hip-hop culture that someone would be Patrik “Sleepy” Elofsson. Today, people might know him as Petter’s tour DJ or an A&R at Sony Music, but what a lot of people don’t know is that he is one of the true pioneers of the Swedish hip-hop scene. He and his friends embraced the music, fashion and lifestyle back when there really wasn’t any local influence at all, and the US scene was a lot further away than checking your Instagram feed.

“There was such a mystique around the whole culture back then. We wanted it all, but everything was so hard to come by back then. That lack of access made us even more creative, and so we created our own style and our Swedish hip-hop culture.”

Sleepy, unlike many other men his age, doesn’t like to look back at the “good old days”, thinking that everything used to be better back then. He has spent his whole adult life working with music and finding new young talent is probably a whole lot easier if you’re open to change.

“Hip-hop is a living, breathing thing and it doesn’t get stuck in what it used to be, it keeps on moving and the new younger generation constantly re-writes its rules. It has no mercy on people my age who are not willing to see change, but that is also what I love about it.”

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“I’ve made a list of 30 tracks that sounds like summer. Sun on your skin, breakfast on a balcony, sand underneath your feet, a warm dance floor underneath a light night sky, the walk to the after party or the night/morning swim. The sound of Swedish summer.”

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