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Four Reasons To Vote In The Swedish Election This Year:

1. Your Vote REALLY Matters: A lot of people think that their vote does not matter in the long run, but it really does! Tell your friends to go and vote, we really have the chance to affect the result of this election. The ones who support SD know the worth of voting. Thats why they are gaining votes. We need to do the same and stop them. Your Vote Really Matters!!

2. We Can’t Let The Racists Win: We are already experiencing SD’s influence. They want to stop immigration, period. Our borders are closing, police are looking for people who look like they have no Swedish papers and send them to a country that they had to run from. People who leave their country do not want to leave in the first place, they leave because they have to. Sverigedemokraterna are racists, we can not let them win!

3. Racism Is Not The Answer: We can not let racism destroy this beautiful country. We need to stick together and stand up for eachother. For the LGBTI community, for the immigrants, for minotiries and everyone who needs our support. We need more love and not SD. SD = Hate.

4. SD = Racists: SD is a racist party and we can’t tolerate racism! They try to make people feel unsafe with their racist propaganda but they are the ones making Sweden unsafe. They are normalizing racism, and that is extremely dangerous. We can’t go back to having the same envoirement as Nazi Germany. People do not realize that this is what will happen if they keep on gaining votes. MAKE SURE TO VOTE! TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE! USE YOUR PLATFORM TO SPREAD THE MESSAGE.

We can not let them win!