Muro Scents Co. – Bakai


Muro Scents Co. is a collective of ideas, cultures and people from different backgrounds creating an aspirational lifestyle with the idea to transcend cultural and social barriers. Taking inspiration from our global narrative and translating it to a more accessible and contemporary heritage, our company exists to enhance your surroundings with an array of natural fragrances through fragrance oil, room spray, reed diffusers, scented candles, and incense. With these various mediums of scent we present a level of classic craftsmanship together with timeless design. Different scents, different occasions, different moods, stories and journeys to be experienced through Muro.

With that, we are proud to announce the release of our revamped signature product line complete with new bold packaging. Through our design concepts we hope to communicate our company identity more throughly for a result that is like nothing else on the market. “Inspire your surroundings” with our unique signature line: Kyara, Bakai, Palo, and of course Nordic Musk.

Bakai consists of cedarwood making up the fragrance’s woody top note and tchourai an African scent, made of a mixture of plants and dried wood giving the scent a lasting uniqueness. The name Bakai is Arabic for cry, a nod to its affirmative yet delicate bodied scent.

Inspire your Surroundings.

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