New Black Sounds – Duki & Fu

Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Duki & Fu

Dusan and Christian, or Duki and Fu as most people call them, got to know each other as youngsters playing basketball in their hometown of Munich. In 2008, after working together at a German b-ball brand, they started their own brand – Beastin. 5 years later they opened up the BSTN Store in Munich. The store quickly grew into one of Europe’s leading premium sneaker and premium sportswear retailers and as of 2017 they have a location in Hamburg as well. BSTN was the first German store and one of the first stores outside of Sweden to ever carry New Black – way back in 2013. We’ll always be grateful for their support and their journey will keep on inspiring us.
Duki and Fu, your friendly neighborhood beasts, have made a playlist for this weeks New Black Sounds that’s inspired by a full decade of the Beastin brand. They even wrote a little something about each and every track on the list – Enjoy!

1. Chiddy Bang was our very first official HipHop testimonial that appeared in our catalogue
2. Naledge from Kidz in the Hall supported us from day one – he wore our very first »TROY« Tee at the Splash festival in 2009
3. Ludacris was the first international Superstar to sport a Beastin Tee live on stage (Frauenfeld festival) – besides that this is hands down our favorite strip club joint (and we love strip clubs)
4. Armand van Helden has been down with us since Day One, wearing Beastin gear on multiple occasions. aNYway is still one of the best (unexpected) party bangers!
5. No playlist without Biggie! One of the most underrated HipHop Tracks of all time in my opinion. The way Biggie imitates the Bonez Thugz & Harmony Flow is priceless
6. Ninetoes – formerly known as DJ Passion or as we call him »Ötzi« is a close personal friend that has supported us from day one. His international breakthrough as a House producer made us super proud! A Beach Club must!
7. Kool Savas aka the »King Of Rap« single handedly changed German HipHop. Super influential to us growing up and a loyal Beastin supporter.
8. Windows open – sound system on blast … one of the best tracks to cruise to!
9. Random guitar classic that often gets me going in the morning
10. My Biz Partner Duki loves grimey Deutschrap – Celo & Abdi are mos def staff favorites
11. The ultimate Hustler Flow …
12. Mid nineties HipHop & R&B influenced us heavily – this track is about as 90ies as it gets. The good old days when dudes actually danced with ladies in the club – no pogo dancefloor sausage party shit like it is nowadays.
13. You probably wont understand much of what Vybz & Spice are saying – some nastiest and best sexed up lyrics ever.
14. New School Deutschrap banger …
15. HipHop Track of the year 2018
16. Deep Jeep Music … love it!
17. Nas is arguably the greatest lyricist of all time … one of his underrated masterpieces.
18. Mobb Deep and Q-Tip rapping about fashion brands – a must for a Beastin playlist
19. Never forget the people that were there for you when before came up! Feed Fam Fuck Fame!
20. I‘m super into Roots Rock Reggae – one of the hardest one drop beats. Preach Peace and Love like my man Alpha Blondy!
21. … but sometimes you just need a bit of Azad »Silberrücken Mentalität«
22. Feel good music by the Chillies – I have this theory that if you don‘t hate the Chillies, something is wrong with you 23. – same goes for people who don‘t eat watermelon
24. … every day mind set!
25. Sometimes I just wish I was born in the 60ies
26. A$AP Rocky is one of the most influential »Fashion Rappers« ever – the picture of him with a Beastin Hoody gave us a big push.
27. The very first track we used on our website – banger!
28. A good way to end the playlist Always fear the Beasts! Shout Outs to Eddie … Iron Maiden for president!

Feed Fam Fuck Fame!

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