New Balance x New Black – Runs In The Family


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“Family is the foundation of everything I do. My home is where my family is. If you ask me, blood doesn’t make you family – unconditional love does! The world is cold enough as it is, people judging one another, only doing things for themselves. One minute you matter, the next you don’t. But in my family, all of that stuff just goes away. You can just be yourself and everyone accepts you no matter what. My family is like my fuel – they’re the reason I do what I do every day, and they’re the reason I rush home in the evening.”

Sarah Åsard

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”Out of all my loved ones, my mom and my daughters are the three who have taught me the most, even to this day. I’m adopted so I learned early on that family isn’t about blood – it’s about time, shared experiences and love combining to give you a place where you belong, one that you carry with you throughout your whole life. I’m a very lucky man with great friends across many different generations, and I think of all them as family.”

DJ Sleepy
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“Family means the world to me. From my childhood home living with mom, great friends who became like my siblings, all the way to my own kids today. That’s where I find the peace, strength and motivation to move forward. It’s to love and be loved, unconditionally. To be there and know that they’ll always be there for me. Family is everything, I’d do anything for my family.”