New Black Sounds – Salvatore Ganacci

Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Salvatore Ganacci

In an age and time where the realms of electronic music have become increasingly saturated, true musical integrity and originality are fast becoming the key indicators of future successes. Salvatore Ganacci has this in abundance resulting in securing his place as one of Sweden’s finest and innovative exports.

With an unwavering desire of wanting to hone his craft and curate a sound well ahead of his time, Salvatore has singlehandedly managed to do so utilizing an urban flip on modern dance music. Debuting his first original record alongside Jillionaire in 2014, Salvatore saw critical acclaim with “Fresh” which set the precedent for his future productions that left both fans and tastemakers alike yearning for more. Having garnered millions of streams and landmark international shows courtesy of his hard hitting and experimental sound, his fusion of big room, dancehall and modern pop music has separated this high octane performer from his Swedish contemporaries in a big way. 

Tune into New Black Sounds for this weeks playlist curated by Salvatore