New Black Sounds – Molly Hammar

Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Molly Hammar

With two gold singles and the critically acclaimed EP ”SEX” (2018), the 23 year old Molly Hammar makes her way right to the top among the absolute elite of Scandinavian artists. Last year she performed at the Swedish Grammy Award and the Swedish equivalent of the Oscars. Traveling between L.A, London and her hometown of Stockholm, Molly is currently working with the industries finest, polishing new material for the rumored release in fall 2019. With the first single ”No place like me” she has teamed up with UK Grime artists and media personality Big Narstie and the production is signed by hyped producer Jeff Roman (Jireel/Denz). Molly has also been working with a lot of big names the last years, like Sondr, Michael Angelo, Nause, Benjamin Ingrosso and Kim Cesarion, who she recently released a single with called ”Show Me”. Molly’s voice will go straight to your heart.

Every summer I create a new playlist and this summer was the first time I was on tour so I needed music with both energy and warmth. Overall it was a summer of growth, and these songs helped me grow.

– Molly Hammar

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