Red Bull Nästa Nivå: The Winners


We now know which four young talents that have made it all the way in the application process and thus make up this year’s participants: Abdirahem Mohammed aka Abdiraxiim (Guleed) from Umeå, Daniel Andres Luna Encizo aka Daniel Luna (Jelassi) from Stockholm, Zoee-Maria Wardlaw aka Demogxrgxn (Fricky) from Kävlinge and Ami Nshimirimana aka Marti (Dree Low) from Stockholm. Congratulations to you all.

Now it’s time to prepare some music and get ready for an amazing trip to Cape Town, South Africa, in just about three weeks’ time. Then it’s time for the talents to release a single each and prepare for Lollapalooza Stockholm in late June.

Nn Winners