Nästa Nivå: Guleed + Abdiraxiim


Umeå based, by way of Gothenburg, London & Nairobi, rapper Abdiraxiim fell in love with hip hop when he first heard Jay-Z at the age of 7 and at age 8 he had written his first verse. Because of moving around a lot while growing up, he has collected inspiration and influence from all over Sweden to contribute to his unique sound.

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First up in the four-part single series from the Red Bull Nästa Nivå 2020 project (in collaboration with New Black) is Abdiraxiim’s “Häller Upp”. This PJ Pipe It Up-produced banger is a celebration – inspired by the rappers hopes to stay level-headed and focused in surroundings where such behaviour might not always be encouraged. “Good kid, mad city – den e rough, jag har greppet på kragen jag drar den upp”.

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