Nästa Nivå – Livestream concert


To end an exciting and creative week with the Red Bull Nästa Nivå, we wanted to do something for all you guys staying at home. We have placed some of the country’s hottest hip hop acts in the studio along with four new talents to perform live for you directly on your screen – because that’s what you deserve. 

Demogxrgxn I Abdiraxiim I Daniel Luna I Marti I Jelassi I Guleed I Lucia I L1na Naod I Dennis Doff I Iosef I Reyn Haval I Fille Danza I Blizzy I Lelo Varas I Seedy I Jaqe I SHRN I Vongtale I P.J I Owen I Adaam I Ameer Thrife I Saliboy

You can rewatch the live whenever you want on Block Juice Youtube channel. 

A huge thank you to all the artist who came out, to our one and only host Assia Trestreck and to Dj Mack Beats. And last but not least – THANK YOU to all of you who were there live and gave us all the love. 

Photo: Harald Goldkuhl