New Black Sounds – Lovisa Lager

Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Lovisa Lager

Lovisa Lager: model and creator based in Stockholm, Sweden. With no more than two and a half years in the scene she has successfully become one of today’s most inspiring models. Thanks to her focus on body positivity and mental health she has, through her art, touched people all over the world and  after working with brands such as Playboy, Fenty Savage and Nike her platform has gone from local to global. 

– I’m not really sure how I got into this whole model thing, especially as a plus size, asian girl from Stockholm, Sweden. And even if this sounds extremely cheesy, somehow i don’t feel like I chose modeling, but it chose me.

I remember from a young age that I one day realized that for me to ever feel comfortable, and secure within myself, I had to find a way for me to love me. Just know the path wasn’t easy, and I still have a long way to go. But one of the first steps I took in that direction was starting to look for people that looked like me. That had any similarity to how I was built, how I could feel or how I was as a person. Anyone that even in the smallest way reminded me of myself became my inspiration, and in the end I guess that was the start of my career as a full time model.

Going through high school with adhd and extreme anxiety was rough. Everyone had something to say but not a single one wanted to help. So one day I just had enough. I remember thinking ”fuck it” and felt that it was time for me to do my own thing which resulted in me dropping out. It’s important to remember that the school system is not made for everyone, it is built after one specific person and if your character and all that comes with doesn’t fit, then you’re all on your own. I can’t explain how proud I am of all my friends and family that graduated, but that just wasn’t the plan for me.

In psychology there is a type of therapy which forces you to experience and live through your trauma on a daily basis for you to finally be able to process it. And this was basically what I had to do to realize that I’m beautiful just as I am, both inside and out. And with all these people in the back of my mind that from the very beginning inspired me, I started posting pictures on social media. Pictures of me and who I was. No filter, no trying to look skinny, no trying to look anything else than Lovisa Lager. At first it was hard, seeing that people started talking, but I just kept reminding myself that this was something that i had to do and something that i believed in. 

This playlist that I have curated for New Black is full of my all time faves, old as well as new ones. What I like most about this playlist is that it’s so personal. The songs doesn’t have to have any special lyrics or melody but they all have a time and place in my life which I connect them with. Some of the songs I associate with anxiety, some with work and some with happiness. So this is pretty much me, inviting you, on my story throughout the years. My little backpack full of memories.

Music is everything. Joy, grief, anger, pain, unity, the list never stops. Music is a language that you can always turn to when you don’t really know how to put your feelings into words. 

– Lovisa Lager

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