New Black Fam – Daniel Luna


DANIEL22 997x1200

New Black Fam is where we give a little extra love to the people who have helped and supported us over the years and the family is constantly getting bigger. During 2020 and the making of Nästa Nivå, four new up and coming artists have come into our lives and become part of the New Black Family.

Daniel Luna is star quality personified. Growing up in Skarpnäck in Stockholm, Daniel found an affinity for skateboarding and basketball at a young age. Music and especially hip hop have always been there too – says Daniel as he remembers his older brother playing 2Pac in their childhood home.

Struggeling with loneliness, Daniel found peace when he started to write and record music in his bedroom. Recording with Jelassi and Nisj during the Nästa Nivå project was his first-time making music in an actual studio.

Daniel is wearing Fencey Tracksuit and Classic Buckethat.