New Black Fam – Marti


MARTI1 2 997x1200

New Black Fam is where we give a little extra love to the people who have helped and supported us over the years and the family is constantly getting bigger. During 2020 and the making of Nästa Nivå, four new up and coming artists have come into our lives and become part of the New Black Family.

Marti came in as a wildcard during the auditions in Stockholm after a last minute drop-out and impressed the entire jury. After performing a song about toasting to the success of him and his family, the multi-platinum superstar Dree Low picked Marti to be his protege in Red Bull Nästa Nivå (in collaboration with New Black). The 19-year old rapper from Märsta, Stockholm, started making music a few years ago and his goal is to reach all different crowds in Sweden – and he won’t stop until everyone in the country plays his music in their home.

Marti is wearing Logo Hood Black and Classic Beanie in black.