Nästa Nivå: Dree Low + Marti


Marti came in as a wildcard during the auditions in Stockholm after a last minute drop-out and impressed the entire jury. After performing a song about toasting to the success of him and his family, the multi-platinum superstar Dree Low picked Marti to be his protege in Red Bull Nästa Nivå (in collaboration with New Black). The 19-year old rapper from Märsta, Stockholm, started making music a few years ago and his goal is to reach all different crowds in Sweden – and he won’t stop until everyone in the country plays his music in their home.

“Sjuk” (prod. by DnoteOnDaBeat) is Martis debut where he shines with a bouncy flow and melodies for days. With a hook that will have everybody singing all summer long – Marti raps about how, now that he’s on the come up, the people that did not support him wants to be his friend. “Ni är hala, ser igenom – vart var ni när jag förlorade”

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