New Black Fam – Bergman


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New Black Fam is where we give a little extra love to the people who have helped and supported us over the years.

Andreas Bergman is one of Sweden’s top bartenders and restaurateurs. Together with his friend, Joel Söderbäck, he owns the award winning and internationally known restaurant Tjoget, as well as the two restaurants and bars Paradiso and Positano. 

Andreas is a true superstar in his field. He’s always challenged the rules and norms of the industry, developing and taking the traditional craftsmanship behind the bar to new levels.

“I remember working at a gay night club in my early twenties, and for me as a white straight man it really helped me becoming the person that I am today. Ever since, my motto has been the same for all clubs, restaurants and bars I have run through the years: as long as you, as a person, is open and welcoming to everyone, my place will be open and welcoming to you.”

And as Bergman always says: det är alltid FUCK SD!