New Black Sounds – Salong Svanen

Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Salong Svanen

Nabai Manna Bairu, or more known as “Svanen” is one of the most talked about barbers in Stockholm. Starting his career off by helping his friends out with some fresh fades, he has developed a platform which has blown away they Swedish barber scene. Svanen has made a name for himself offering sharp fades and home service haircuts. This summer he’s also been taking customers at the New Black Store. With regular customers such as Yung Lean and 1Cuz as well as other inspiring people, Salong Svanen is building up a legacy for himself and his family. We are more than excited to follow his journey as he goes after his dreams.

“I made this playlist three years ago. Since then, I’ve added new songs as well as removing old ones, just to make sure it stays fresh. This is one of those playlists where all you really need to do is press “shuffle”, because not a single tune will disappoint. It’s everything from Jorja Smith, Roddy Rich to Veronica Maggio. A mix of all the best musicians that the world has to offer … Lite gott och blandat, precis som godisen”

Nabai Manna Bairu, Salong Svanen