New Black Fam – Sarah Åsard


New Black Fam is where we give a little extra love to the people who have helped and supported us over the years.

Sarah Åsard, entrepenaur and founder of Urban Hair, has revolutionized the Swedish hair salon industry.

Brought up in her mom’s afro hair salon and also spending time in the US, Sarah early noticed the lack of salons around Sweden that offered good quality services to customers with textured hair. Taking matters into her own hands she started Urban Hair, a salon specializing in textured and afro hair. And later on Urban Academics – classes where Sarah and her team educate hairdressers on how to cut and treat textured hair.

We’ve known Sarah for years and have always been inspired by her ambition, creativity and hustle.

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Sarah is wearing Uni Polar Fleece Hood in off white, Uni L/S Tee in sesame and Jeans Classic Fit in medium wash.