New Black Sounds – Chris C Cardenas


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Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

Our sales associate Christopher is always taking care of you during Saturday’s opening hours at the New Black Store and we let him take over New Black Sounds to show you what he is listening to right now.

When listening to music, somehow what I’m listening to is usually directly connected to my mind? I so often catch myself listening to music that instantly reflects where I am in life or what I am feeling at that particular moment.

Because of this, my taste in music can be extremely wide – one day I’m listening to deep house or uk garage and the next day I could be all caught up in neo soul or jazz.

The playlist is more a reflection of where I am right now in regards to this whole pandemic and my way of coping with it.

I work six days a week, both with kids who have neuropsychiatric disabilities and here at New Black, so it can be a lot at times. But with this playlist, it just really helps me to calm down, find some structure and make sure I make the best of every situation. 

Focus has been on artists with great vocals that touches you in a whole different way and that makes your everyday-life or the struggles you’re going through a little bit easier.

Fun fact is also that some of the artists barely have any streams on their songs, which makes it even more fun to listen to.

Hope you enjoy it.

– Christopher

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