Creative Call: B.Baby


Creative Call is a project brought forth by Halebop, created to offer a chance for young creators to to work on their craft in a professional environment. An opportunity to network and build experience that they might not have had been given otherwise. This year New Black has been given the privileged to curate Halebop Creative Call.

Halebop has teamed up with some of Sweden’s most prominent young creatives. First out we have the very exciting prospect, Salem Barka also known as B.Baby. With millions of streams on music streaming platforms, the 20 year old B.Baby has taken Sweden by storm. Working with some of the biggest names on the Swedish rap scene, he has skyrocketed his fame from his local area Biskopsgården all the way to the capital. His songs, depicted and inspired by his life and his surroundings, have been praised by numerous media outlets for bringing up subjects that aren’t vastly discussed in the rap community. Halebop has had the pleasure of working together with B.Baby and his team, documenting the work that goes in to being an artist and creating hits that gain millions of streams.

Follow B.Baby as he takes us on a journey through Biskopsgården and the places that made an impact on him growing up. Join us in this special documentary about one of Sweden’s most promising rap artists.

Watch the documentary here

Watch the music video here