New Black FW 2021 Drop 1 Lookbook


Heavy. That’s the first word that comes to mind when thinking about our first drop for the fall. Heavy quality cotton is used to assemble timeless pieces. The European-made collection contains our heaviest short sleeve tee to date, weighing in at 260 grams per square meter – heavy. Accompanied by a 345 gsm long sleeve tee, chunky corduroy suits, and the coziest sweater you’ll get your hands on this fall – made from German organic cotton sherpa.

10 years of New Black means a lot of change. Some things evolve, reappear, disappear, or change shape. And some things stay the same. Quality fabrics and quality relationships built the solid foundation of our brand. 

We still produce most of our products at the very same factory north of Porto, Portugal. Our tees still have the same perfect fit as they did 10 years ago. And we still have the same amazing support from friends that have stuck by our side after all these years. One of the guys from this shoot was actually in our very first lookbook back in February of 2011.

A decade of New Black – nothing and everything remains the same.

Heavy is the New Black