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23-year-old Meron Mitku from Tumba is next in line in this year’s edition of Halebop Creative Call. In this section, together with Halebop, we get an insight into the young RnB artist’s everyday life, hear about her background, follow her creative process in music creation and hear how she has developed into the artist she is today – from her years in music class and choir, videos on Snapchat to the artist she has become today.
Join us as we hang out with Meron, her manager and producer for a day. Take part in what the creative process behind her music looks like and enjoy an exclusive performance.
Along with the documentary, Meron Mitku has also released the song “Drömma”. “Drömma” is an outro on a closed chapter, a time that has passed but which is an important part of Meron’s life. A period in one’s life that everyone can relate to, when one has lost someone or something and finds no escape except in one’s dreams.
Get to know Meron Mitku and her music by watching her mini documentary, listen to her new single Drömmar and check out the musicvideo.


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Photo: Amanda Nilsson