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Behind the brand – Q&A with New Black’s creative director Elias Mravec Gillberg


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Photo: Amanda Nilsson

New Black Fam – Sarah Åsard

New Black Fam is where we give a little extra love to the people who have helped and supported us over the years.

Sarah Åsard, entrepenaur and founder of Urban Hair, has revolutionized the Swedish hair salon industry.

Brought up in her mom’s afro hair salon and also spending time in the US, Sarah early noticed the lack of salons around Sweden that offered good quality services to customers with textured hair. Taking matters into her own hands she started Urban Hair, a salon specializing in textured and afro hair. And later on Urban Academics – classes where Sarah and her team educate hairdressers on how to cut and treat textured hair.

We’ve known Sarah for years and have always been inspired by her ambition, creativity and hustle.

streetwear hoodie

Sarah is wearing Uni Polar Fleece Hood in off white, Uni L/S Tee in sesame and Jeans Classic Fit in medium wash.

New Black Sounds – bbygusi

bbygusi sounds

Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This month: Bbygusi

Bbygusi is one of the most sought after DJs on the scene right now. Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic – his presence is undeniable. We asked him to share his best in-game playlist with us for the ultimate Call Of Duty Season Six experience. Enjoy!

“The music and the culture around it is undoubtedly where I get my daily inspiration. Everything from how I dress to what I’m listening to is either drawn from modern hip hop or 70s/80s rock stars. When I’m out DJing, I want to bring that out – both sonically and visually. I love to balance my sets between hits and the unknown sleeper – a song most people may not have heard yet, but the dance floor goes off anyway. You can feel it’s a banger! You just haven’t experienced it yet. This playlist’s sleeper would have to be “Caros – Easy”. It’s the best melodic drill coming from Sweden that I have heard since forever.”

new sounds

New Black Fam – Sleepy

new drop new black

New Black Fam is where we give a little extra love to the people who have helped and supported us over the years.

“Hip-hop is a living, breathing thing and it doesn’t get stuck in what it used to be, it keeps on moving and the new younger generation constantly re-writes its rules. It has no mercy on people my age who are not willing to see change, but that is also what I love about it.”

Few people have had more of an influence on the Swedish music scene than Patrik “Sleepy” Elofsson. Nowadays, many might know him as Petter’s tour DJ or as an A&R at Sony Music, but he’s also one of the true pioneers of Swedish hip-hop. He and his friends embraced the music, fashion and lifestyle back when there really wasn’t any local influence at all. Back when the US scene was a lot further away than checking your Instagram feed.

Patrik has been a friend of New Black for almost a decade now. We even witnessed him getting his first grey hairs!

New Black Fam – Bergman

new black fam

New Black Fam is where we give a little extra love to the people who have helped and supported us over the years.

Andreas Bergman is one of Sweden’s top bartenders and restaurateurs. Together with his friend, Joel Söderbäck, he owns the award winning and internationally known restaurant Tjoget, as well as the two restaurants and bars Paradiso and Positano. 

Andreas is a true superstar in his field. He’s always challenged the rules and norms of the industry, developing and taking the traditional craftsmanship behind the bar to new levels.

“I remember working at a gay night club in my early twenties, and for me as a white straight man it really helped me becoming the person that I am today. Ever since, my motto has been the same for all clubs, restaurants and bars I have run through the years: as long as you, as a person, is open and welcoming to everyone, my place will be open and welcoming to you.”

And as Bergman always says: det är alltid FUCK SD!

New Black Fam – Marti

new black fam

New Black Fam is where we give a little extra love to the people who have helped and supported us over the years and the family is constantly getting bigger. During 2020 and the making of Nästa Nivå, four new up and coming artists have come into our lives and become part of the New Black Family.

Marti came in as a wildcard during the auditions in Stockholm after a last minute drop-out and impressed the entire jury. After performing a song about toasting to the success of him and his family, the multi-platinum superstar Dree Low picked Marti to be his protege in Red Bull Nästa Nivå (in collaboration with New Black). The 19-year old rapper from Märsta, Stockholm, started making music a few years ago and his goal is to reach all different crowds in Sweden – and he won’t stop until everyone in the country plays his music in their home.

Marti is wearing Logo Hood Black and Classic Beanie in black.

New Black Fam – Abdiraxiim

New Black Fam is where we give a little extra love to the people who have helped and supported us over the years and the family is constantly getting bigger. During 2020 and the making of Nästa Nivå, four new up and coming artist have come into our lifes and become part of the New Black Family.

New Black Fam – Abdiraxiim

Umeå based, by way of Gothenburg, London & Nairobi, rapper Abdiraxiim fell in love with hip hop when he first heard Jay-Z at the age of 7 and at age 8 he had written his first verse. Because of moving around a lot while growing up, he has collected inspiration and influence from all over Sweden to contribute to his unique sound.

Abdiraxiim is wearing Runorak in Navy, Gee Trackpants, OG Logo Crew and Classic Beanie.8m

New Balance x New Black – Runs In The Family

“Family is the foundation of everything I do. My home is where my family is. If you ask me, blood doesn’t make you family – unconditional love does! The world is cold enough as it is, people judging one another, only doing things for themselves. One minute you matter, the next you don’t. But in my family, all of that stuff just goes away. You can just be yourself and everyone accepts you no matter what. My family is like my fuel – they’re the reason I do what I do every day, and they’re the reason I rush home in the evening.”

Sarah Åsard

”Out of all my loved ones, my mom and my daughters are the three who have taught me the most, even to this day. I’m adopted so I learned early on that family isn’t about blood – it’s about time, shared experiences and love combining to give you a place where you belong, one that you carry with you throughout your whole life. I’m a very lucky man with great friends across many different generations, and I think of all them as family.”

DJ Sleepy

“Family means the world to me. From my childhood home living with mom, great friends who became like my siblings, all the way to my own kids today. That’s where I find the peace, strength and motivation to move forward. It’s to love and be loved, unconditionally. To be there and know that they’ll always be there for me. Family is everything, I’d do anything for my family.”


New Black – The Story



A spark ignited on the train tracks in the rainy harbor city of Gothenburg almost two decades ago. With time the tracks would eventually lead to the birth of an unconditional friendship and a trailblazing clothing brand by the name of New Black – a brand born in culture, raised in it, and constantly pushing it forward.

Elias “Eli” Mravec Gillberg and Andreas “Adde” Ramos Undén met through their mutual love for graffiti. The pair had a natural affinity for one another, and that same sense of connection would play a pivotal part in the success story of the brand. New Black was founded in 2010. Back then, the collection consisted of a total of five t-shirts. A true friends and family operation that adapted guerrilla marketing tactics to make a name on the scene. A couple of years later, New Black is worn by Hollywood actors, top tier athletes and international music artists. Every single one wearing the logo by choice and thus becoming a member of the constantly growing New Black family – a creative community and cultural centerpiece.

When stating that something is fashionable, we often say that it is “the new black”. Contrary to the name, the brand always focuses on moving culture forward rather than capitalizing on current trends, constantly staying true to themselves and others. New Black is style that breathes authenticity – a meeting between fashion and statement. A natural affinity.