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Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This month we let Aron take over the playlist to show what music he listens to when he wants to relax.

new sounds new black


Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This month we let Melvin take over the playlist to show what music she has on repeat right now.

If i would ask a friend to describe me as a person, i’m quite sure they would say that i’m pretty much all over the place, in a good way. I always find new projects that catches my interest, and do stuff that makes me happy. I take one day at a time and make sure i do exactly what i feel like in every moment of life. This playlist is a bit the same. There’s not really any specific theme, just songs that i enjoy listening to and that gives me that extra little energy. It somehow invites you to get a small picture of my headspace and all that is going on in there haha, hope you enjoy it!

new sounds new black


23-year-old Meron Mitku from Tumba is next in line in this year’s edition of Halebop Creative Call. In this section, together with Halebop, we get an insight into the young RnB artist’s everyday life, hear about her background, follow her creative process in music creation and hear how she has developed into the artist she is today – from her years in music class and choir, videos on Snapchat to the artist she has become today.
Join us as we hang out with Meron, her manager and producer for a day. Take part in what the creative process behind her music looks like and enjoy an exclusive performance.
Along with the documentary, Meron Mitku has also released the song “Drömma”. “Drömma” is an outro on a closed chapter, a time that has passed but which is an important part of Meron’s life. A period in one’s life that everyone can relate to, when one has lost someone or something and finds no escape except in one’s dreams.
Get to know Meron Mitku and her music by watching her mini documentary, listen to her new single Drömmar and check out the musicvideo.

New Black Sounds – Ibbi Chune

new black sounds

Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This month we let one of our own personal friends, Ibbi, take over the playlist to show what music she has on repeat right now.

Hey everyone!

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Ibbi Chune. I’m a model, activist and DJ. I’m really happy to get to share some of my fav songs with the New Black fam. These are the tunes that are on heavy rotation right now. Music that genuinely makes me happy and gets me going. A spicy mixture – From Nigerias charming rising star Rema to Jamaicas slow-dancehall legend Kranium. This playlist reminds me of the African diaspora, how many of us there is and that music is such a huge part of us and our fight.

Ibbi Chune

new sounds

Creative Call: B.Baby

Creative Call is a project brought forth by Halebop, created to offer a chance for young creators to to work on their craft in a professional environment. An opportunity to network and build experience that they might not have had been given otherwise. This year New Black has been given the privileged to curate Halebop Creative Call.

Halebop has teamed up with some of Sweden’s most prominent young creatives. First out we have the very exciting prospect, Salem Barka also known as B.Baby. With millions of streams on music streaming platforms, the 20 year old B.Baby has taken Sweden by storm. Working with some of the biggest names on the Swedish rap scene, he has skyrocketed his fame from his local area Biskopsgården all the way to the capital. His songs, depicted and inspired by his life and his surroundings, have been praised by numerous media outlets for bringing up subjects that aren’t vastly discussed in the rap community. Halebop has had the pleasure of working together with B.Baby and his team, documenting the work that goes in to being an artist and creating hits that gain millions of streams.

Follow B.Baby as he takes us on a journey through Biskopsgården and the places that made an impact on him growing up. Join us in this special documentary about one of Sweden’s most promising rap artists.

Watch the documentary here

Watch the music video here


new black sounds

Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This month we let our intern Eliot take over the playlist to show you what he is listening to right now.

This playlist contains music that makes me think anything is possible and gets me in the right mood for when I’m skating. Music is such an important thing in my life and I could not cope without it. Chief Keef is my personal favorite because I like the energy in his music when I skate.

– Eliot

new sounds

New Black Sounds – Chris C Cardenas

New Black Sounds

Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

Our sales associate Christopher is always taking care of you during Saturday’s opening hours at the New Black Store and we let him take over New Black Sounds to show you what he is listening to right now.

When listening to music, somehow what I’m listening to is usually directly connected to my mind? I so often catch myself listening to music that instantly reflects where I am in life or what I am feeling at that particular moment.

Because of this, my taste in music can be extremely wide – one day I’m listening to deep house or uk garage and the next day I could be all caught up in neo soul or jazz.

The playlist is more a reflection of where I am right now in regards to this whole pandemic and my way of coping with it.

I work six days a week, both with kids who have neuropsychiatric disabilities and here at New Black, so it can be a lot at times. But with this playlist, it just really helps me to calm down, find some structure and make sure I make the best of every situation. 

Focus has been on artists with great vocals that touches you in a whole different way and that makes your everyday-life or the struggles you’re going through a little bit easier.

Fun fact is also that some of the artists barely have any streams on their songs, which makes it even more fun to listen to.

Hope you enjoy it.

– Christopher

new sounds

New Black Sounds – bbygusi

bbygusi sounds

Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This month: Bbygusi

Bbygusi is one of the most sought after DJs on the scene right now. Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic – his presence is undeniable. We asked him to share his best in-game playlist with us for the ultimate Call Of Duty Season Six experience. Enjoy!

“The music and the culture around it is undoubtedly where I get my daily inspiration. Everything from how I dress to what I’m listening to is either drawn from modern hip hop or 70s/80s rock stars. When I’m out DJing, I want to bring that out – both sonically and visually. I love to balance my sets between hits and the unknown sleeper – a song most people may not have heard yet, but the dance floor goes off anyway. You can feel it’s a banger! You just haven’t experienced it yet. This playlist’s sleeper would have to be “Caros – Easy”. It’s the best melodic drill coming from Sweden that I have heard since forever.”

new sounds

New Black Sounds – Assia Trestreck

new black sounds

Every now and then we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week: Assia Trestreck

If you’ve ever been out to the club in Gothenburg in the last 5 years – you’ve probably seen Assia Trestreck. We first met Drake-lover Assia almost a year ago when she shut down the dance floor with her DJ-set on our OFF:WEST party during Way Out West 2019. Ever since we’ve had the pleasure and working even closer with her during Nästa Nivå witch she brilliantly hosted.

“These are some of my recent favourite songs this year. Starting slow and low yet with distinct 808s and ending it with rhythmic Brazilian baile funk. A perfect playlist for setting the ambiance at the pre-party or any occasion that requires a little energy whether that is doing the dishes or playing an intense game of UNO with your friends. Hope you enjoy it!”

Assia Trestreck
new black summer madness

Nästa Nivå: Dree Low + Marti

Marti came in as a wildcard during the auditions in Stockholm after a last minute drop-out and impressed the entire jury. After performing a song about toasting to the success of him and his family, the multi-platinum superstar Dree Low picked Marti to be his protege in Red Bull Nästa Nivå (in collaboration with New Black). The 19-year old rapper from Märsta, Stockholm, started making music a few years ago and his goal is to reach all different crowds in Sweden – and he won’t stop until everyone in the country plays his music in their home.

“Sjuk” (prod. by DnoteOnDaBeat) is Martis debut where he shines with a bouncy flow and melodies for days. With a hook that will have everybody singing all summer long – Marti raps about how, now that he’s on the come up, the people that did not support him wants to be his friend. “Ni är hala, ser igenom – vart var ni när jag förlorade”

sjuk dree low
listen here
watch here

Nästa Nivå: Jelassi + Daniel Luna

Daniel Luna is star quality personified. Growing up in Skarpnäck in Stockholm, Daniel found an affinity for skateboarding and basketball at a young age. Music and especially hip hop have always been there too – says Daniel as he remembers his older brother playing 2Pac in their childhood home.

Struggling with loneliness, Daniel found peace when he started to write and record music in his bedroom. Recording with Jelassi and Nisj during the Red Bull Nästa Nivå project was his first-time making music in an actual studio.

new black jelassi

The song, “Intro”, is exactly what it sounds like – an introduction to Daniel Luna. Produced by Swedish Grammy-winner Nisj with real-life atmospherical recordings of skating and a heavy baseline – Luna raps about the memories and happenings that is his life. “Vi var misfits, jag och mitt klick”.

listen here
watch here

Nästa Nivå: Fricky + Demogxrgxn

Zoee aka. Demogxrgxn blew us away with her amazing voice during her audition. From Kävlinge, she started playing around with music with her friends when she was 18. Listening and finding inspiration in rock and indie, her music brings something different to the table and makes her unique in her genre

dog för dig fricky

”Dog för dig” is a song about a broken relationship where Demogxrgxns heartbreaking lyrics over Yung Mirkos distorted guitar-driven beat is a match made in heaven. The song is executive produced and arranged by Academics and Fricky. ”Skär som glas – helt iskall, för jag lämna din sida”.

listen here

Nästa Nivå: Guleed + Abdiraxiim

Umeå based, by way of Gothenburg, London & Nairobi, rapper Abdiraxiim fell in love with hip hop when he first heard Jay-Z at the age of 7 and at age 8 he had written his first verse. Because of moving around a lot while growing up, he has collected inspiration and influence from all over Sweden to contribute to his unique sound.

new black fam

First up in the four-part single series from the Red Bull Nästa Nivå 2020 project (in collaboration with New Black) is Abdiraxiim’s “Häller Upp”. This PJ Pipe It Up-produced banger is a celebration – inspired by the rappers hopes to stay level-headed and focused in surroundings where such behaviour might not always be encouraged. “Good kid, mad city – den e rough, jag har greppet på kragen jag drar den upp”.

listen here

Nästa Nivå – Livestream concert

To end an exciting and creative week with the Red Bull Nästa Nivå, we wanted to do something for all you guys staying at home. We have placed some of the country’s hottest hip hop acts in the studio along with four new talents to perform live for you directly on your screen – because that’s what you deserve. 

Demogxrgxn I Abdiraxiim I Daniel Luna I Marti I Jelassi I Guleed I Lucia I L1na Naod I Dennis Doff I Iosef I Reyn Haval I Fille Danza I Blizzy I Lelo Varas I Seedy I Jaqe I SHRN I Vongtale I P.J I Owen I Adaam I Ameer Thrife I Saliboy

You can rewatch the live whenever you want on Block Juice Youtube channel. 

A huge thank you to all the artist who came out, to our one and only host Assia Trestreck and to Dj Mack Beats. And last but not least – THANK YOU to all of you who were there live and gave us all the love. 

Photo: Harald Goldkuhl

Behind the scenes at Nästa Nivå – DAY 4

This is what happens behind the scenes the fourth day of filming Red Bull Nästa Nivå.

Photo: Harald Goldkuhl

Behind the scenes at Nästa Nivå – DAY 3

This is what happens behind the scenes the third day of filming Red Bull Nästa Nivå.

Photo: Harald Goldkuhl

Behind the scenes at Nästa Nivå – DAY 2

This is what happens behind the scenes the second day of filming Red Bull Nästa Nivå.

Photo: Harald Goldkuhl

Red Bull Nästa Nivå: The Winners

We now know which four young talents that have made it all the way in the application process and thus make up this year’s participants: Abdirahem Mohammed aka Abdiraxiim (Guleed) from Umeå, Daniel Andres Luna Encizo aka Daniel Luna (Jelassi) from Stockholm, Zoee-Maria Wardlaw aka Demogxrgxn (Fricky) from Kävlinge and Ami Nshimirimana aka Marti (Dree Low) from Stockholm. Congratulations to you all.

Now it’s time to prepare some music and get ready for an amazing trip to Cape Town, South Africa, in just about three weeks’ time. Then it’s time for the talents to release a single each and prepare for Lollapalooza Stockholm in late June.

Red Bull Nästa Nivå 2020: Finalists

The four mentors Dree Low, Fricky, Guleed, and Jelassi act as judges and must find a talent that they want to guide through a recording session. This is the final 11 who made it to the final audition. Which four talents will make the cut and grab a ticket to Cape Town, South Africa?

© Amanda Nilsson

During the audition day, 12 talents became 11 when one chose to leave the project and give up his place. Another did not get leave from school for the upcoming trip and instead was called a wild card.

Nästa Nivå: Dree Low

Dree Low has always been a fan-favorite in the early releases with his collective of friends and collaborators. Now nominated this year for two P3 Guld awards in the categories Hip Hop/R&B + Future Artist, he’s one of Sweden’s absolute biggest artist. Dree Low’s 2019 has certainly been productive and very successful, topped by performing as the warmup act for A$AP Rocky‘s show in Stockholm. Two albums have been released so far where the last one, “Flawless”, topped the Swedish album charts. His track “Pippi” is on it’s way to becoming a classic tune with 21 millions streams and counting.

Applications opens the 20th of jan.

Click here for more info

Nästa Nivå: Fricky

Nästa Nivå – Fricky

Fricky is not your average rapper. He comes from the northern forests close to the arctic circle, where he’s a part of the Random Bastards crew. The Umeå born rapper has seen his career sky rocket since the release of the single “Hon får mig” in 2017, followed up by “Aqua Aura” in 2018. Fricky and his friends are known for their bromance compatible videos set on scooters in snowy landscapes covered in a characteristic dreamy haze. Fricky is the winner of the 2018 P3 Guld award in the category Artist of the year.

Applications opens the 20th of jan.

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Nästa Nivå: Jelassi

Nästa Nivå – Jelassi

Jelassi is the natural talent the whole Swedish hip-hop scene can’t wait to hear more of. Straight out of Farsta this gifted 21 year old already sounds like a true veteran. She’s been working with Cherrie, Silvana Imam and Einár and that’s even before her debut EP “Port 43” dropped. Jelassi has got a voice of her own and the debut tells the story of her early days in her neighbourhood Farsta.

Applications opens the 20th of jan.

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Nästa Nivå : Guleed

Nästa Nivå – Guleed

Guleed is the latest rising star out of the Malmö New Wave crew. He’s been praised left and right for his debut album “50 grader i februari” and rightfully so he’s now nominated for a 2019 P3 Guld award in the category Hip Hop/R&B. The laid back approach combined with the melodic rap mixed with singing has him creating his own unique style.

Applications opens the 20th of jan.

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New Black Presents: Red Bull Nästa Nivå 2020

For the sixth time running, Nästa Nivå will let you take your music making to the next level. In an open application you have the chance to get teamed up with some of Sweden’s leading hip hop artists. Together you’ll produce and release a track during a program with a recording stop in Red Bull Studios, South Africa and a live performance at Lollapalooza Stockholm.

Previous years have been different in how the music created under Red Bull Next Level was released. Occasionally there has been a record company responsible for the release, while other years the artists themselves have pushed their music. This year, all mentors and their teams are independent and publish their music outside of the major record companies and this year’s talents will be releasing their songs via the music distributor Amuse.

Since 2013, Red Bull Nästa Nivå has guided future artists under the mentorship of the country’s hottest artists in hip hop and R&B. Now it’s time again and in 2020 it’s curated by New Black featuring the artists FrickyJelassiGuleed and Dree Low will be coaching one talent each with their own producers. Don’t miss the chance to apply!