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FILA DSTR97 Editorial

The classic FILA DSTR97 is back so we’ve teamed up with our friends at NBL Sound to create an editorial. Check out the editorial below!

New Black – The Story



A spark ignited on the train tracks in the rainy harbor city of Gothenburg almost two decades ago. With time the tracks would eventually lead to the birth of an unconditional friendship and a trailblazing clothing brand by the name of New Black – a brand born in culture, raised in it, and constantly pushing it forward.

Elias “Eli” Mravec Gillberg and Andreas “Adde” Ramos Undén met through their mutual love for graffiti. The pair had a natural affinity for one another, and that same sense of connection would play a pivotal part in the success story of the brand. New Black was founded in 2010. Back then, the collection consisted of a total of five t-shirts. A true friends and family operation that adapted guerrilla marketing tactics to make a name on the scene. A couple of years later, New Black is worn by Hollywood actors, top tier athletes and international music artists. Every single one wearing the logo by choice and thus becoming a member of the constantly growing New Black family – a creative community and cultural centerpiece.

When stating that something is fashionable, we often say that it is “the new black”. Contrary to the name, the brand always focuses on moving culture forward rather than capitalizing on current trends, constantly staying true to themselves and others. New Black is style that breathes authenticity – a meeting between fashion and statement. A natural affinity.

New Black Sounds – Melina Do Rosario

Every week we let someone who we find inspiring take over our official Spotify playlist.

This week:​Melina Do Rosario

“I listen to a very wide variety of music within the genres that I like. I might associate a certain song to a specific memory but listening to a song might also give me an impression of what’s going on right now or a notion of what’s coming. Music has that power to bring your thoughts and feelings anywhere and any place.”

Melina fell in love with dancing at an early age. As she got older she decided to take it to the next level and while studying at Broadway Dance Center in New York she got totally hooked on Vogue and LA Style. Back home in Gothenburg she started teaching dance classes. There’s no dancing without music and so she decided dancing wasn’t enough and got into music marketing and managment as well as DJing.

Melina will be DJing at The Garden Party on Friday, August 10th in Gothenburg (click here for tickets).

Click here to listen to Melina’s list and make sure to follow New Black Sounds